Discover How You Can Have the Perfect Mountain Wedding at Gore

If you love the idea of an Adirondack-style wedding but want to branch out from the traditional rustic venues we have the answer for you! Weddings at Gore Mountain combine Adirondack charm with mountain vistas for a unique and memorable celebration. Choose Between a Mountaintop or Lower Mountain Location With seemingly endless wedding venues to choose from,

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A pair of Adirondack chairs at Fern Lodge look out over a sunset on Friends Lake.

Plan the Perfect Adirondack Camp Wedding

Getting married in the Adirondacks means having a seemingly endless variety of choices for your venue. If you’re looking for the quintessential Adirondack wedding, however, look no further than the classic camp aesthetic. The tradition of the Great Camps dates back to the Gilded Age, when the elite chose the pristine wilderness for their summer homes.

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Newlyweds leave the ceremony by riding a ski lift down Oak Mountain.

8 Great Spots for Wedding Photo Backdrops in the Adirondacks

With the abundance of locations to get married in the Adirondacks comes an equally-daunting variety of places to shoot your wedding photos – docks overlooking pristine lakes, rocky mountaintops with stunning vistas, and everywhere in between. We asked four local photographers to share their favorite places to shoot wedding photos in the Adirondacks and they shared their

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A lakeside wedding

Want To Have A Modern Adirondack Wedding? Find Out What’s New!

Are you thinking about getting married in the Adirondacks? Beautiful in any season, the region provides the perfect setting for your wedding. One of the oldest and largest protected wildlife parks in the country, the Adirondack Mountains are full of stunning backdrops for your ceremony – from majestic mountaintops to sparkling blue lakes – and rustic,

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Discover 6 Rustic & Quirky Wedding Venues in the Adirondacks

Weddings are becoming more and more personable – gone are the days when everyone got married in a church. Now, ceremonies take place everywhere from hotels to banquet halls to golf courses and beyond. Why compromise when you can have the wedding you’ve always imagined? If you’re looking to get married in the Adirondacks, you’re probably

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Bride Had Dream Venue Built and Now You Can Use It Too

Megan Boulé and her fiancé struggled with finding an affordable venue they loved for their special day. After spending a holiday at Megan’s family camp in Whitehall inspiration struck: they could have the venue of their dreams built right on their own property. It was Megan’s father who decided on the course of action. “He finally

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How to Plan Your Wedding Budget in 10 Minutes

Ready to make that budget for your dream wedding? You can follow an easy formula to figure out how much to allocate to each category: the flowers, the dress, the rings, and more. We’ll also take a look at who usually pays for what when it comes to your parents and your future in-laws.  

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Enter to Win a $15,000 Boat Wedding Package on Lake George

If you’re engaged or in the midst of wedding planning, don’t nail down that venue just yet – you could win a luxurious boat wedding right on Lake George! Here’s what the Lake George Steamboat Company is giving away, and how it can be yours. The Package: Five hour wedding – three hours sailing, one

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